Sunday, March 15, 2015

New Home Builder Amenities

Home builders in Light Farms have some new features that many people like. Some of these features come standard depending on the builder you choose. These features can also be upgrades or special customizations.

Quartz Counter Tops - Highland Homes

Considered the "new granite," engineered quartz counter tops are all the rage and come in a variety of styles and colors. Engineered quartz is a new alternative to natural stone slabs. These counter tops are Created with a large percentage of ground natural quartz – one of the hardest minerals on earth – and a smaller percentage of polymer resin and pigments. When bound together, the resulting material is extremely durable, resembling traditional types of kitchen countertops materials like granite and marble. Yet engineered quartz is more uniform. Built to last for generations.

Bump Out Cabinets - Shaddock Homes 

 Bump out sinks and cook tops are available with Shaddock Homes. Some customization can also be made to the Drees Home as well. The bump out feature is not only appealing aesthetically, but is also considered very comfortable and it gives you more space. Some sinks are "double-bumped." Ask your builder which options are available.

Designated Home Work Areas - Highland Homes

Highland Homes offers unique dedicated study area desks for children to do homework. Help your children get ready for the real world. The home work space upstairs gives children a place to focus on home work without distractions. Your child can spread out his or her home work and make use of the built in cabinets and shelves. The work spaces are out in the open, but offer a significant amount of privacy. Specially designed spaces for school supplies, paper products, computers, as well as ample desk space. A great place for your children to stay organized and focused for optimal living.

Outdoor Rooms - Drees Homes

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